A Promise to Adam

Adam London

Adam London 1993–2010

Since October 2010, Brookline High School has welcomed Promise to Adam campaigners promoting safe driving among teens.

The Promise to Adam campaign highlights motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of death of US teens, claiming more than 5000 lives a year. The campaign launch followed the death of Adam London, a popular and athletic junior from Newton North High School, in a one-person car accident on a rainy night in August 2010. Adam was speeding on a residential street when he crashed his car into a tree. He was not wearing a seat-belt. The campaign website features many tributes to Adam, who was described by his sister Katie London as “a good kid on the path to becoming a great man.”

Immediately after his death, Barbara Spivak and Howard London, Adam’s parents, worked with their family and friends to launch A Promise to Adam. By the end of that year the campaign had generated extensive media coverage and thousands of pledges from teens and others to avoid risky behaviors while driving. The campaigners encourage those who sign the pledge to consider it a binding contract.

Their website highlights the horrible statistics:

      • Teens are three times as likely as other drivers to be involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents.
      • The high rate of driving accidents for teens is caused by lack of maturity and driving experience, overconfidence, and risky behaviors.
      • Most people aged 16-20 in fatal car accidents are not wearing seat-belts.
      • Alcohol, speeding, distractions and marijuana are major contributors to the high rate of teen driving accidents.

Photo from apromisetoadam.org