Private hospitals & treatment centers

Beech Hill Hospital
Dublin NH / 800-843-4455

Bournewood Hospital
Brookline MA / 617-469-0300
Inpatient and outpatient intensive treatment

Brattleboro Retreat
Brattleboro VT / 800-738-7328 x 3230
Inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment

Caron Clinic
Pennsylvania, Texas, DC, Bermuda / 800-854-6023

Gosnold on Cape Cod
Falmouth MA / 800-444-1554
Inpatient and outpatient programs and transitional care

Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Florida, Oregon / 800-257-2810

High Watch Recovery Center
Kent CT / 860-927-3722
Addiction medicine combined with the 12 step approach of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Hyde School
Bath ME / 207-443-5584 and Woodstock CT / 860-963-9096
Boarding school

McLean Hospital
Belmont MA / 617-855-2800
World leader in the treatment of mental health issues and chemical dependency

Pembroke Hospital
Pembroke and Westwood MA / 800-222-2237 / 781-762-7764
Partial hospitalization, inpatient and intensive outpatient services

Summit Achievement
Stow ME / 207-697-2020 x 21
Residential treatment center for teens and adventure-based therapy

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Boston MA / 617-562-5370
Comprehensive Addiction Program

True North Program
Waitsfield VT / 802-583-1144
Wilderness recovery program for teens

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