The Changing Face of Marijuana – Revisiting the Conversation with Adolescents


The Changing Face of Marijuana – Revisiting the Conversation with Adolescents

Dr. John Kelly, MGH & Brookline High School Peer Leaders

April 8, 7 p.m.

Brookline High School’s Roberts/Dubbs Auditorium

Marijuana forum

With current plans to open medical marijuana dispensaries locally and the recent legalization of marijuana use recreationally in other states, cannabis is very much a part of our culture. There is a spectrum of shifting attitudes in Brookline that has left many of us a little unclear. How does this new landscape impact the conversations we are having with our children, who certainly are getting mixed messages about the safety of marijuana? How do we clear up misinformation and misperceptions to help prevent cannabis abuse.  B-PEN welcomes Brookline parents and the community at large to  this National Public Health Week forum featuring a student panel addressing what’s happening now among Brookline youth and Dr. John Kelly, from Massachusetts General Hospital’s ARMS Program, talking about marijuana’s impact on the teen brain and how casual use can become habitual use, addressing addiction and treatment.  Please register for this event at

(Co-sponsored by Brookline Parent Education Network (B-PEN) and Brookline Department of Public Health)

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