Peer Leaders host Taylor’s Message and A Promise to Adam


Peer Leaders host Taylor’s Message and A Promise to Adam

March 5, 2013–BHS 1200 Day is a day on which students are encouraged to commit to joining the 1200 of their BHS peers who choose not to drink or use drugs but find other ways to have fun and relax.   Invited guests included Taylor’s Message and A Promise to Adam.   Both programs encouraged students to make better choices and decisions.  Kathi Sullivan told freshman and sophomore students about a series of poor choices that lead to her daughter Taylor’s death in 2008.  Howard London and Barbara Spivak, whose son Adam died in a car accident in 2010, spoke to students about the dangers of distracted and buzzed driving.  Peer Leaders hosted activities in the cafeteria including trivia contests and special activities, such as game playing wearing Drunk Driving Goggles.