Students witness the painful, destructive reality of unsafe driving


Students witness the painful, destructive reality of unsafe driving

May 21, 2012 — Students at Brookline High attended a powerful presentation by the father of a local teen who died behind the wheel. The event gave a personal, vivid reality to statistics on motor vehicle accidents, which are the leading cause of death of US teens.

On May 21st, Howard London, of A Promise to Adam, addressed two assemblies. Mr. London’s son, Adam, a junior at Newton North High School, died in 2010 two blocks from his home. After drinking two beers, Adam attempted to drive home, speeding and not wearing his seatbelt. (He was not legally intoxicated.) The assemblies were hosted by BHS Peer Leaders.

This was the second BHS event featuring Adam London’s parents and best friend, who have made it their mission to help reduce the driving risk to US teens. Teens have the lowest rate of seat belt use and the highest rate of risky driving. Babara Spivak, Adam’s mother, is an advocate for a primary seat belt law in Massachusetts, which would allow the police to pull over drivers who are not using seat belts. Students signed a safe driving pledge and were given A Promise to Adam armbands.

“Kudos to social worker Hope Schroy and the many students who helped organize a compelling, thoughtful and informative session on safe driving,” a faculty member said afterwards. “The presenter, Mr. London, was low key but effective. The visuals and the facts almost spoke for themselves. I came away with the feeling that he has turned his grief over losing his son Adam into a crusade that will help save the lives of many young people. I was deeply affected (as the father of a 21 year older) and I feel the students present were moved as well.”